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It is also necessary to mention the steel-casting plant of the Skoda Company at Pilsen, which has a high reputation for difficult stern posts, etc., for large ships, and is equipped with hydraulic presses for guns and armor. Table XXVII-C gives a list of the principal works in Bohemia.
TABLE XXVII-C. List of Steel Works in Bohemia (Bohmen).
Name of Plant.	Location.	No. of Bessemer Converters.		No. of Onen Hearth Furnaces.		Annual Output ; tons.
		Acid.	Basic.	Acid.	Basic.	
Prager Eisenindustrie. . . |	Kladno....		3 3 2		2	\ 160,000 40,000 14,000
	Teplitz. ___					
Skoda Steel Works'. ......	Hlsen .....			4		
SEC. XXVIIc.óMoravia and Silesia (see No. 2 on Map): The coal field already described as covering a large pait of upper German Silesia extends into Austrian Silesia and Moravia. The coal is rich, but does not give the best of coke. Immediately around Ostrau, where Witkowitz is situated, the quality of the coke is fair, but in Silesia it is poor. It is, however, the only coke district east of Westphalia, and forms the nucleus for a considerable iron industry. The coke is used not only in Moravia, but in Bohemia, and is shipped across the Eussian frontier to the blast furnaces in Poland, which are almost entirety dependent upon this district for their supply. The Styrian steel works has lately bought coal properties in the Polish Moravian district and will make coke at the mines for its furnaces in the southern district. The relative importance of the Silesian coal district as it affects the different nations will be seen from Table XXVII-D.
TABLE XXVII-D. Output of the Silesian Coal Field.
Tons In 1899.
Germany; Silesia ....................    23,527,000
Austria; Moravia and Silesia..........      6,252,000
Russia; Poland  ......................      3,905,000